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Screen Credits

Our Flag Means Death – Supplier of rope for the building of rigging to master rigger Courtney Andersen in the production of this HBO series based on the real life ordeal of Stede Bonnet, a wealthy young man who became a pirate in 1717.

Pachinko – Served as technical advisor, oversaw building and conversion of various vessels to traditional Korean fishing boat appearance and function for this Apple TV+ series based on the novel by Min Jin Lee.

The Sea Beast – Working with Director Chris Williams, developed characters, action sequences and dialogue for this animated Netflix feature film.

Greyhound – Naval Consultant to this adaptation by Tom Hanks of C.S.Forester's 'The Good Shepherd', a novel set aboard a destroyer in the Battle of the Atlantic.

American Gods – Technical Adviser, Historian and Rigger. Designed and built authentic working Viking ship rig. Trained cast to sail and row the ship. Served as ship’s captain during shooting on location.

La Grande Traversee – Historical Marine Consultant of this ten hour television series exploring the realities of the experiences of immigrant colonists to Canada in the early 1700’s.

7 Days in Hell – Writer, producer, historical consultant to this four part television series which put two adventurers through the worst week of a selection of historical scenereos.  Wrote pitches to the broadcaster, evolved stories and oversaw locations, costuming, props and created slates of activities for each episode.

The Wharf at York ,The Wharf at War – co-wrote, oversaw costumes, props and actor training for these immersive theatrical live performances which toured Ontario.

Old Man River – Marine/Historical consultant, producer. Designed boat, oversaw construction, trained participants, researched routes, for this documentary driven expediation from the source of the Mississippi to the sea.

Moby Dick – supplier of rigging and equipment to this feature film production.

The Real Treasure Island - historical consultant and technical adviser to this documentary exploring the real historical events that may have inspired Robert Louis Stephenson to write the classic novel 'Treasure Island'

1917: The Missing - historical consultant and technical adviser to this documentary in which the events surrounding a savagely fought trench raid near Vimy a  few months before the great First World War battle that made the place famous.

Trenches! - Historical & Technical Consultant on this documentary made in co-ordination with excavations performed in Flanders at World War One battle sites.

Battle Kit - Co-host and Co-Producer on this project in development which will examine the evolution of military equipment from the earliest periods of history to the present.

Survivor Man - Technical Advisor, Lost at Sea episode of this series which explores scientific survival techniques in a variety of environments.

The New World - Supplier of historical rigging for the refit of Half Moon, Capt. John Smith’s (played by Colin Farrel) ship in this feature historical dramatic film.

Franklin's Last Expedition - Location management and historical consulting.

Finding the Fallen - Host and Technical Adviser, Battle of the Somme episode of this series on World War One battlefield archaeology.

Pirates of the Caribbean II and III - supplier of rigging and nautical gear

Artillery Games - Producer.  This is a documentary exploring the world of modern practitioners of the historic artilleryman's art.  Produced for A&E's History Channel

Master and Commander, The Far Side of the World, 20th Century Fox, - Head Technical Advisor and Historical Consultant, Additional Dialog writer, for this major motion picture
starring Russell Crowe, directed by Peter Weir. Story is set aboard a Royal Navy frigate
in 1805. Wrote dialog, trained principal actors, advised Art Dept, Props etc.during development, pre-production, principal photography, post production and marketing.

Let the Games Begin - CineNova Productions documentary exploring the
realities of the Olympic Games in classical Greece. Creative consultant and
Technical Adviser.

History vs Hollywood - History Channel / A&E series comparing the historical fact behind popular films. Creative consultant and technical advisor.

The Wreck of the Auguste - CineNova Productions. Head Technical Advisor and
Historical Consultant. Providing services as above. Documentary of a shipping
loss in 1762.

The Underground Railroad - CBC television production. Marine technical
adviser and Historical consultant.

Other Historical Film Credits Since 1990:

War of 1812 GalaFilm - 6 hour television documentary

Canada, A People's History - CBC 30 hour television documentary

Napoleon's Lost Fleet - CineNova Productions one-hour doc

The Real Moby Dick - CineNova Productions one-hour doc

Lost at Sea - CineNova Productions one hour doc

Relic Hunter
- technical advisor in episode involving Royal Navy

The Real Robinson Crusoe
- CineNova Productions one-hour documentary

The Crossing - Columbia Tristar two-hour drama

The Feast of All Saints - Dufferin Gate Productions two-hour drama

Dracula 2000 - Universal Pictures, Feature film (yes, there was a historic sailing ship)

K19 The Widow Maker, Feature, (research and assistance to props department)

The Building of HMS DETROIT - historical research, host

Plus - Several television commercials involving historical themes.

Other Activities:

Commissioned officer (retired) in the Royal Canadian Navy's Primary Reserve.

Founder & Director, Marine Heritage Association - Operators of two historic sailing warships, HMS BEE and HMS TECUMSETH 1998 - 2003

Co-Founder & Director, Atlantic Challenge Canada - youth oriented seamanship
program based upon the construction and operation of historic ship's boats (circa 1793) 1992-1994

First Officer, Historic replica (circa 1812) sailing ship "Friends Good Will" operated by the Michigan Maritime Museum

Executive Director Toronto Brigantine Inc. Operators of two 50 tonne square-rigged sail training ships. 1993-1996

Captain, HMS BEE with an honourary warrant from the Royal Navy. BEE is a replica War of 1812 warship.

Guest Speaker, Royal Canadian Military Institute, Canadian Naval Officer's
Association, Toronto Shellback Club and others on issues of Naval history

Project Coordinator, HMS Detroit, a 500 ton frigate, reconstruction of a Royal
Naval warship from the War of 1812

Faculty member, Georgian College School of Marine Technology, 1991 - 2003

Panelist World Congress of History Producers Toronto 2004 and London 2006

Interview With Gordon Laco, Historical Consultant on Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
The Hollywood blockbuster stars Russell Crowe. Director Peter Weir, was determined that his movie would be historically accurate down to the smallest details and his search for an expert led to Canadian Gordon Laco. Hear his conversation with Bill Richardson.

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